Primary HealthCare Project

  • Due to extensive immunisation drives arranged by TravAct, there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of children getting measles and chicken pox
  • Cancer rates amongst Travellers have dropped due to an increased awareness of screening (e.g breast check) and earlier referrals coordinated by TravAct.
  • Reduction in the rate of cardio-vascular disease again due to increased awareness of the availability of screening and contacts with the Irish Heart Foundation coordinated by TravAct.
  • Stronger links with the pharmacies in the area coordinated by TravAct has resulted in Travellers not only taking their medication but taking it in the right dosages leading to a general improvement in health standards.
  • Epilepsy is another condition which affects Travellers in a higher proportion than the settled community. Recently there has been an increase in the incidence of epilepsy in other areas but due to the promotion of information in the area coordinated   by TravAct, this geographic area has not seen the same increase.
  • Since 2020, after the outbreak of Covid Pandemic, we have taken up the prime membership of ‘Food Cloud’ organisation at substantial cost and have been engaged in delivery of dry and chilled food stuffs to all our local needy families. This programme demands heavy workload on our staff every week but has generated great enthusiasm and support from the local community, which has impelled us to continue this programme in the future.

flier naturopathy(1)Please contact Brigid Nevin, PHC Coordinator,  for further details