Education Outreach Project

The Education project started in 1994. At that stage most Traveller adults had attended primary school, many in an ad hoc way. At this stage most Traveller young people complete their Junior Cert and some continue to Leaving Cert. It is a constant struggle to keep the young people at school but there is a definitive improvement in educational standards. There have been some major success stories with young Travellers continuing to 3rd level and even getting degrees. These are however, in the tiny minority but the TravAct aim is to bring home the advantages of educational achievements for young Travellers and their parents. To this end TravAct, working with a number of private sponsors, celebrated 29th Sep 2015 as the Education Promotion Day for young Travellers. TravAct is now equipped with a functional Computer Training Facility in its premises for the benefit of local Travellers. TravAct is the only Traveller Project that has a extensive Library which has been proving instrumental in encouraging the reading habits amongst the local community.

Arrangements have been made for regular conduct of after-school clubs for local students. We have instituted local programmes to provide monetary support, personal laptops and advice for further education & training of members of our Traveller community, which has been a great success in securing well paid jobs for them.

Please contact Nellie Ward, Education Worker,  for further details.