Training & Employment (CE) Project

The CE scheme currently has 20 participants. This programme has been running since December 1995 with 15 employees a year till 2015, which has now been increased to 20 employees due to high demand from North Dublin Travellers. The effects of this TravAct Programme has been that for the first time Travellers in North Dublin have started getting paid work placements. Initially Travellers would only work in a very limited geographic area, mainly on Traveller sites, doing Traveller specific work; this geographic area has now increased and so also has the variety of work in e.g. creches, security, citizen information services and so on. The challenge of getting Travellers into paid employment is now gradually being met with more and more success by TravAct. The Department of Social Protection has commended TravAct in Feb 2016 for achieving the highest percentage of progression to paid employment from amongst CE Employees in the Dublin Region.

Please contact Liz Sargent, CE Supervisor,  for further details.