Accommodation and Housing Outreach Project

  • 15 years ago approximately 75 families in our area did not have the basic facilities of running water and toilets. This has dropped to single figures in 2015.
  • A definitive decline in the number of people living in trailers has been achieved. With this comes an improvement in facilities such as water and electricity and waste collection. Even those still living in trailers have showering, hot and cold water,   toilets, electricity facilities. This also applies to unofficial sites in North Dublin.
  • Travellers were not aware of private rental and even when they were aware of it, it was very difficult for them to get private rental accommodation , the number using this scheme is now increasing all the time.
  • The general maintenance of Traveller specific housing has improved dramatically over the past five years.
  • Travellers found it difficult to get standard housing, this is beginning to change with TravAct focus over the past few years.

Please contact Winnie McDonagh, Accommodation Worker,  for further details.