The Resource Centre

Clonshaugh Drive, Priorswood, Dublin 17
Travellers and settled people working together in North Dublin


The Resource Centre

Clonshaugh Drive, Priorswood, Dublin 17



 March 18th 2020

In light of current COVID 19 restrictions and in line with advice on social distancing from the Department of Health, all TravAct staff will be working remotely from their homes and with restricted access to direct contact and service provision to our community.​

TravAct Centre will be closed to the public from today, Wed, March 18th at 2:00

we are providing emergency telephone support and information to all our clients
and staff in the North Dublin area. ​

You can make contact with our Management Team members on their mobiles/emails below for updates, support and information on the Covid 19 situation:​


Name/DesignationEmail Address
Manager- JM Singh<jm.travact@gmail.com>
Primary Health Care- Bridget Nevin     bridgetnevintravact12@gmail.com
Drugs/Alcohol Worker – Marian McKenna                  <marian@travact.ie>
CE – Helena Murphy                                 <helena.murphy@travact.ie>
Community Accommodation Worker – Winnie McDonagh    <winnie.travact@gmail.com>
Youth Services  –  Maureen Ward        <maureen.travact@gmail.com>
       Education Worker-
Eileen Ward
Administrator- Maria Ward

​We would ask the local community members
and staff to keep up to date with all public health advice and to consult the
relevant websites in this regard. Any
staff member or any member of the local community who feels any of the symptoms
or feel that they have been exposed to someone else suffering the symptoms of
the virus, should immediately inform their GP and their workplace and follow
the advice of the GP for self-isolation if required.

For the latest advice and information from
the HSE on Coronavirus Covid-19, please visit their Coronavirus Page
For daily updates, please visit GOV.IE


We encourage you all to take advice and
stay at home until we are further notified by the HSE and other Government Departments.​

regards and Take Care,

Singh    Manager    TravAct     Published:18-03-2020


Main Thrust Areas of TravAct Activity

TravAct is an organisation of Travellers and settled people working together in North Dublin to tackle the root causes of Traveller exclusion and promote their equality and human rights within the Irish Society. Its aims include Promotion of Education Amongst Travellers,   Improve Life and Enterprise Skills, Facilitate Social and Personal Development, Create Awareness of Traveller Culture, Participation in both National and Regional Initiatives for Travellers and Engage in Enterprise Development. TravAct work currently falls into six main areas, which include Community Employment Initiative, Drugs Outreach, Education Support, Housing & Accommodation Services, Primary Health Care Support and Youth Services.

Training & Employment (CE) Project

The CE scheme currently has 20 participants. This programme has been running since December 1995 with 15 employees a year till 2015…

Accommodation & Housing  Project

15 years ago approximately 75 families in our area did not have the basic facilities of running water and toilets. This has dropped to single figures…

Drugs and Alcohol Project

The TravAct Drugs programme started in 2006. Originally the main issue was alcohol abuse with a limited problem with drugs…

Primary Health Care Project

Due to extensive immunisation drives arranged by TravAct, there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of children getting measles and chicken pox…

Education Outreach

The Education project started in 1994. At that stage most Traveller adults had attended primary school, many in an ad hoc way…

TravAct Youth Project

This is a recent addition to TravAct (Oct 2015) and comprises two youth workers. Affiliation of this Project to TravAct has created a lot…